• <font size="2">EDITORIAL PRICE LIST</font> EDITORIAL PRICE LIST After eight years’ experience working as a press photographer, Claire still relishes the challenge each job presents with passion and excitement. A broad range of assignments have given Claire the skills and experience to produce high-quality images in any given situation, and she works well under pressure and tight deadlines.

    Her creativity and passion means she’s always looking for a new angle and doesn’t replicate the same shot twice. But if you have a specific image in mind, she will happily meet your requirements. Claire has excellent social skills and empathy for others. People from all walks of life and different cultural backgrounds feel at ease around her and find her polite and efficient.

    Whether it’s a multi-sport event or a fashion shoot, Claire will reliably provide a range of shots for you to choose from. She also provides a high-quality full post-production colour correction / retouching service, so your graphic artists or web-designers don’t need to make any further corrections.

    PHOTOGRAPHY FEE - $1000 per hour
    POST PRODUCTION FEE - $350 per hour

    Product shot rate also available.

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